A RICH beggar on Udaipur streets!!!

A RICH beggar on Udaipur streets!!!

A RICH beggar has been roaming around streets of Udaipur city and no one could even imagine this


A RICH beggar on Udaipur streets!!!

Everyone knows about Malamal weekly. Now we have a Malamal beggar, and he has been roaming on streets of Udaipur. A RICH beggar has been roaming around streets of Udaipur city and no one could even imagine this. He has been seen moving around almost every street, nook and corner. A mentally unstable man, this beggar fainted and fell in Bapu Bazar, the busiest area of town.

People rushed when this beggar fell on the road somewhere between old control room and Bapu Bazar. He was running behind people as usual in his disturbed state of mind when he suddenly fainted and fell down. From his dress-up and appearance, it was evident that he was that beggar who was seen running just everywhere shouting and trying to hit at people. The moment he fell, people noticed foam coming out from his mouth. They tried to open his clothes but they couldn’t as his clothes were stiff with filth. Using a knife, the crowd tore open his shirt and to their surprise this beggar was loaded with money.

A carton was wrapped around his body with the help of a wire. It was full of cash and coins. Eyes wide open, people took out a number of soiled and crumpled notes which totalled to a huge amount. He had coins worth 2100 rupees. The coins in denominations from 1 to 10 had become rusted. The beggar’s clothes and body were stinking beyond imagination. He was wearing around 4 to 5 shirts which were damp. His body was full of infection…rashes and boils…due to the damp pile of clothes. People first managed to tear off his clothes and then washed his body with water. Police was then informed who took this beggar to the hospital. His condition has been reported stable, but had he not been attended on time it would have been fatal.

As per police and onlookers, this beggar used to run behind people in order to hit them in his unstable mental condition. Usually he frequented the area between Delhi Gate and Udiapole. People were well acquainted with his bulging belly, hence recognized him. In case anyone happened to touch him, he would hit back in anger. Constantly murmuring in abusive manner, he even used to throw stones at people. When his clothes were taken off, his bulging belly turned out to be a pile of plastic garbage and cartons stuffed with currency notes.

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