Death by Chocolate @ The Chocolate Room

Death by Chocolate @ The Chocolate Room

My love for chocolates is unprecedented and unmatched. I'd once read that chocolate can increase serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain and act as an anti-depressant when consumed. And since then, I've known that the author of this fact is the only person in the world who admires chocolate more than me!


Death by Chocolate @ The Chocolate Room

My love for chocolates is unprecedented and unmatched.  I’d once read that chocolate can increase serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain and act as an anti-depressant when consumed.  And since then, I’ve known that the author of this fact is the only person in the world who admires chocolate more than me!

I’ve been keeping off The Chocolate Room for quite a while because I’d heard it from ‘the little birds’ that TCR is still developing and they need improvement.  After 10 months now, I finally made up my mind to pay them a visit.

Before the review I want to share some personal developments.

Someone once suggested (offline) that because I talk to the Manager and Staff while placing an order, I get excellent treatment and the food is prepared with increased caution for me.  I did speculate on the thought and have given up the practice of introducing myself to the restaurant staff.

Now all they get is the courtesy of witnessing a classic event where a silent and seemingly insane person visits their restaurant with a chaperone, plays with the food, models it to click some weird photos, writes remarks in a short notepad with a serious face and leaves the restaurant with a smile to the Manager.  One restaurant exploded in the middle of the process accusing me of stealing their Menu and recipe.  I had to calm them down by revealing my true intentions before carrying on with the task!

This is the reason why the readers might have noticed the sudden decrease in background information about the owner and the restaurant’s future plans.  I want to apologize for the inconvenience caused, if any, and state that this is how it must go to determine the true quality of the food.

Back to the topic! The Chocolate Room inhabits the burly part of the Madhuban society where the big shot banks are located.  This franchise is part of The Chocolate Room chain of cafes located around the globe.  It was time our Udaipur had one for itself!

The Room is actually small, cozy and comfortable with seating arrangement limited to 20 individuals at a time.  This is a sign of confidence about the service and also eases the staff to provide better quality.

We were two of us and were immediately talked to by the waiter who handed us the Menu.  The restaurant was completely empty save us at noon.  The Menu was exhaustive and descriptive.  Each item had an accompanying text to make it easier to be understood.  We conferred quickly and started ordering with snacks and ended with a shake and a sundae.

Chilly Tomato Capsicum Sandwich

Death by Chocolate @ The Chocolate Room

The reason behind ordering this was that this was the only sandwich that appeared to be spicy.  I had forgotten that chilli and spicy are two different things.

This sandwich was a grilled sandwich with four triangle pieces (two pieces are served usually) stuffed with capsicum, tomato, mayonnaise and cheese.  It was warm and not exceedingly hot (which would have been undesirable) and tasted excellent even without the ketchup they’d provided.  The only complaint I had has already been discussed, otherwise the sandwich was good enough to be ordered again.

I tag it as: Recommendable

Dark Choc-tail

Death by Chocolate @ The Chocolate Room

Every restaurant has its own version of mock-tails nowadays.  The popularity of mock-tails is helping restaurants offer more to the consumer, which is a good thing.

My Choc-tail was delicious.  It was served in a large pretty glass with a groove for inserting a straw and, though not needed, had ‘Drink Me’ written as inspiration across the front.  The Dark Chocolate didn’t seem 100% dark, but that’s obvious because I had ordered a smooth Choc-tail, not a Dark Chocolate Shake.

If you like Hot Chocolate Shake then Dark Hot Chocolate is the thing for you.  I must warn that it is very unpleasant if you’re not a fan of dark chocolate!

I tag this as: Recommendable

Rocky Road Pizza

Death by Chocolate @ The Chocolate Room

The only version of Rocky Road most widely available is Dairy Milk- Rocky Road produced in Australia.  And it is not even available as easily in our country.  This Pizza covers that loss for me!

Rocky Road generally has peanuts, cherries, jellies and marshmallows.  Our pizza contained at least half of the ingredients plus a generous coating of chocolate sauce on top.  The Pizza base was thin and (bless the cook) not crusty.  At one point it reminded me of chocolate dipped doughnuts, but they’re a completely different thing.

The pizza got chewy and rubbery after left cold for long but that didn’t affect the taste and its effects at all.  Before even completing all ordered items we knew that this was an awesome dish!

I tag it as: Highly Recommendable

Chocolate River Sundae

Death by Chocolate @ The Chocolate Room

Mistakes always make their way in my visit to a restaurant.  It just doesn’t seem right if I leave a place without making a mistake that I regret for a long time!

We were both full and had already ordered this at the order making ceremony. So we waited with our fingers crossed for the sundae to arrive.  And when it did, we were breath taken.

The Sundae was 3 scoops large and (thankfully!) didn’t have a river of chocolate sauce floating them.  The scoops were topped with whipped cream and milk chips. The scoops were chocolate ice cream scoops.

With a high level of internal management we savoured one delicious scoop each.  To me, the scoops were ordinary ice creams with no special doings of TCR, but that might be because I was already so full.

I tag this as: Passable

Death by Chocolate swam into my mind as I watched the last remnants of the sundae being carried away back to its born-place, the kitchen.  My friend commented that this lunch made sure that we’d not be able to enjoy the smallest of Dairy Milks for at least a week.

 I have to say I agree.

Our bill was a moderate Re 507 considering the challenging task of surviving from the overload of pleasure TCR had burdened us with.

The most expensive item was the Pizza at Re 179 and the least expensive was the Choc-tail and the Sandwich at Re 100 each due to applicability of a combo offer.

I enjoyed my excess chocolate lunch to the brim. The Chocolate Room delivers the quality they’re known for and this counts as their biggest achievement.

The only suggestion I have for them is setting up provision for custom made chocolates and template chocolates.  I’ve seen the most creative designs for chocolates in TCR and I would love to see them here soon!

Let us know about your experiences in TCR in the comments and please drop us a hint via email/comment about the next restaurant you want us to visit.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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