Donate clothes-Humanitarian values calling

Donate clothes-Humanitarian values calling

Donate old clothes for those who do not have anything to cover themselves up.

Donate clothes-Humanitarian values calling

Roti kapda aur makaan-Food, clothes and house are the basic things every human needs. We crib everyday about not having the latest fashion with us and keep on filling our wardrobes with unnecessary clothes. Everybody loves to have a lot, no doubt. But then we need to think about those who have nothing…practically nothing.

There are people who are constantly on the move for providing help to the homeless and the helpless. It is not an easy task for these volunteers to collect food to feed these people. But they are doing this work. Now it is our turn to come forward to help people who do not even have enough clothes to cover themselves up. Clothes are also an important requirement. Where we are finding difficult to protect ourselves in winters and wrapping in layers, there are people who do not even have a good piece of clothing to cover their skin.

We tend to buy a lot for ourselves in competition with fashion world. It is time we did something for these needy people. And we do not need to do too much. All that is required is that we must collect all our old usable clothes and hand them over to various centres opened in the city.

One such campaign for collection of clothes has been started by Udaipur Prince Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar. As per reports, more than 1200 volunteers have joined this campaign. 30 Infantry Brigade of Indian Army were the first ones to join the campaign. People can deposit clothes at the drop points made in the city. Clothes can also be sent to City Palace drop point. Volunteering teams Goonj and Robinhoood Army are already registered with this campaign. Door to door awareness campaign is on the agenda of members of these teams.

So, please come forward and help these people. Instead of wasting away those old clothes, give them to someone who is in need.

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