Don’t wear helmets, they spoil hair style

Don’t wear helmets, they spoil hair style

And the satire must go on----helmets we .... you

Don’t wear helmets, they spoil hair style

A hair cut costs bare minimum 250 rupees at a good salon. Well styled, gelled, fashionably coloured hair definitely makes heads turn. BUT the trouble is that it isn’t visible under helmet which costs 800 to 1000 rupees (ISI certified). So when a hair cut costs less than a helmet, which do you think you should opt for??

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Go for the hair style, man!! A good style of hair goes wasted under the helmet. You didn’t colour it or have it cut in your favourite style to hide it under that piece of rounded metal stuff. Flaunt your hair style, dude, you can wear helmet when you have those countable strands left. It doesn’t matter if your head is later seen only in photographs. After all, you enjoyed the ride without it. Mental peace is more than that load on head and hasn’t anyone said that we shouldn’t take much load on our heads. Tch, tch,…the load of the helmet is so unbearable that the moment we wear it we get headaches, neck aches and cramps in the back as well.

All you would do later or sooner is that when you go up and watch your family, you would think whether you are the star that they are watching with eyes in their tears or someone else. And then the pangs of jealousy between the “stars”. Oh! Then at least you will be able to pull your hair in anger and think about its safety. Once the beautiful strands start falling apart while you are still on earth, you will be running around to the hair-care experts and learn about those damages because of pollution which would have otherwise not occurred under the “load”.

It is perfectly okay to have a heavy wheel running on your head, the wheel might catch a lot of your beautiful hair and remember you in times to come and that’s really worth it, you will have someone to take your name (the wheel).

Whoever has come to this world has to go one day. So why think “which day”, just ride on showing off your stunts and your lustrous well maintained hair. They will forget you one day; will look at your picture and even drop a tear or two. Your mother might cry till madness overcomes her, but you must remind yourself that you lived the way you wanted to and they might quote your beautiful hair to the other grand children in the family.

जो आया है वो जाएगा भी, मस्त रहो, भूल कर भी यह ख्याल दिमाग में मत लाना कि तेरे बाद तेरे बाल बच्चों का क्या होगा, अरे अभी सिर्फ बालों के बारे में सोच | अब भगवान ने सर दिया है तो बाल तो होंगे ही और उन्हें मेन्टेन भी करना पड़ेगा ना | रहे ना रहे सर, बाल तो रहेंगे, फोटो में दिखेंगे, बुढ़ापे की गंज का क्या काम | बिना हेलमेट की ज़िंदगी 4 दिन की सही… चालीस बरस के गंजेपन से अच्छे हैंssss, अच्छे हैंssss बाल वाले चालीस दिन |

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