Forest fires are important for environment

Forest fires are important for environment

Forest fires are extremely important for the development of a good ecosystem.

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Forest fires are important for environment

Forest fire is a common phenomenon during summers. Sun’s rays fall on dried vegetation and they catch fire. Constantly blowing wind spreads fire very quickly. It is said that this is how nature balances environmental changes and develops new life on earth.

Initially it seems that fire is going to destroy all the vegetation that once stood beautifully gracing the earth. But the actual reason is quite the contrary. Fire in a forest area means that new life needs place and more nourishment. Unless and until old trees die (even if they are green) there will not be enough place for the new plants needed as per climatic changes. Secondly, the dried vegetation when burnt creates nourishment for the new ones and they are fed naturally where humans cannot take care of necessary manure for them. Researches have also proved that some plants cannot reproduce without fire.

Fire breaks down organic matter into soil nutrients which are further carried away by rain, hence making fertile bed for the new plants. This way new and even healthier plants grow and the cycle continues.

Forest fire may not necessarily kill all wild life. Reports have proved that very few animals are killed during forest fire. Wild animals have a natural way of dealing with forest fire. Large animals move out of fire areas. They even hide in burrows or go under water. Birds fly out to safer areas. It is not that animals are not killed at all, but nature has her own way of balancing the ecosystem.

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