Human trafficking in India on the rise

Human trafficking in India on the rise

Education and employment opportunities can put an end to human trafficking in the coming times.

Human trafficking in India on the rise

India is considered to be a country rich in cultural heritage. Despite the rich culture, the point that lowers its ranking is education. Awareness for education may be growing in the urban areas, but rural areas are still way behind. This has also led to poverty and vice-versa.

Human trafficking is on the rise in India because of poverty and lack of education. More and more children and females are falling prey to the flesh trade as they need to feed their families and the families are usually large due to lack of education. Unemployment rate in India is very high. Our country also lacks in opportunities of employment for all sections of people.

An average of 1,35,000 children are traded each year from India. Apart from this, young females are pushed into flesh trade, some young men are traded for want of body organs and the statistics crosses 3 lakhs every year.

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Child labour is one of the biggest issues happening around. Every now and then children are kidnapped and forced to work as labour. They are made to toil 24×7 and paid like beggars. Some of the children also escape to work as they want to support their families. All these fall prey to the human trafficking agents ultimately risking their lives.

Females are given bigger dreams. They are promised rich employment opportunities attractive enough to refuse. The ultimate result is falling prey to flesh trade, body organ rackets and some are shipped to be a part of somebody’s harem. Organ rackets have known to have taken out kidneys for selling in international markets and the buyers pay a hefty amount to them.

All these cases indicate that poverty and lack of knowledge is the reason behind the human traffickers growing their business comfortably. Education and employment opportunities within the country can put an end to human trafficking.

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