Let us all pledge to save water

Let us all pledge to save water

Let us save water. Let us save Lake City.

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Let us all pledge to save water

Air and water are the most required things. We would all die without air as that is what we breathe in and that is how nature has maintained its cycle. Water is just another essential thing without which we cannot survive beyond a point. Human body is made up of 70 percent of water. But the point is that if we haven’t got even that 70 percent, how would we survive?

Water needs to be saved. We need to save more than what we normally spend or rather waste. Yes, waste, because most of us do not know that we are actually wasting water. Lakes of Udaipur are already showing off their poorer side…the lake bed. Scarce rains has made the lakes look so pathetic that if we don’t rise and act on time, we might end up being called as Lake-bed City or probably the tag of Lake City would no longer be the one applicable for us.

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Go for a walk early morning or not so early and you will find people washing their cars. The cars need to be cleaned but instead of cleaning the cars, you can witness water running out on roads. The point is that cars need to be cleaned and not bathed every day. But we actually give a good deal of showers to our cars. This is where we need to be careful. Instead of leaving the pipes on with flowing water, we can use buckets for cleaning the cars and this would certainly save water.

Another issue is that of shaving. People have the habit of leaving the tap on while they observe the smoothness of the razors over their jaw line and chin. It is recommended that if you, too, have such people in your homes or if you know of someone in the neighbourhood, please create awareness that shaving does not require flowing water. If you need flowing water, go to some waterfall and let the rest happen.

Similarly, using buckets for bathing instead of using showers is more of an easy way to control water wastage. Children can be taught the same, basically children follow what they see. Close the taps properly. Make sure that the kids see while you do this or ask them to check all taps of the house.

Another important point is about filling half a glass of water for drinking for children. Children tend to leave their glasses half full, water from which actually goes down the drain when there is some maid waiting to do the dishes. The same thing must be followed in restaurants which actually started in Madhya Pradesh some time back. Glasses are served half full to the guests, hence preventing water wastage. Half full glass must not be taken as an insult, it must be a matter of understanding and sensibility that our planet needs to save water.

These are some basic points which we need to understand. Certain acts may seem weird but they are the ones which need more attention. Let us save water. Let us save our planet.

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