Let’s Talk : Pregnancy and office environment

Let’s Talk : Pregnancy and office environment

Change the work environment in office for pregnant ladies.

Let’s Talk : Pregnancy and office environment

Being a woman has its own challenges.From working at home to working in office… a woman goes through a number of challenges. More so, when she is on family way…pregnancy is one important phase in every woman’s life. Here is a video which when followed can make a woman’s pregnancy duration even more memorable for her.

Your Second Home

She was pregnant and when she arrived office she was shocked to see her desk was empty she thought she has been fired from the Job ! Here's a video for all mothers. No woman can miss this. Mother's Day has a new meaning. A positive change! Time to make your office #YourSecondHome. #HappyMotherDay. Salute to motherhood from Celebrate Motherhood with Prega News

Posted by Being Woman on Friday, May 5, 2017

Memories of pregnancy never fade…a woman faces the most important decision of her life with a number of ups and downs. Working women go through a  lot especially during their pregnancy months. Mood swings, stress, health issues …all can play havoc with her senses.

If her work environment is made comfortable for her, a woman can give the same results as when not pregnant. The concern of her seniors, subordinates, juniors can give her memories to cherish. Many women will love this video and many will yearn for this kind of environment. Make a change in your office for a woman who is about to bring another life into this world. This can be the best gift an office can give her.

Happy Motherhood.

video source : beingwoman.org

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