Stray Dogs – Selfish Man’s Best Friend

Stray Dogs – Selfish Man’s Best Friend

Dog helped early humans to establish small colonies which eventually turned into early civilizations. Serbians from Bering Strait, American tribes like Athabascan, Apache and Navajo could not have possibly survived without the help of Dogs.

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Dog helped early humans to establish small colonies which eventually turned into early civilizations. Serbians from Bering Strait, Asian tribe like Athabascan and indigenous American tribes like  Apache and Navajo could not have possibly survived without the help of Dogs. Domestication of Dogs has also been recorded in the glowing history of Indus Valley Civilization.

We have studied that dog is a multipurpose animal turned into pet for more than 15000 years or so. Since then man is using dog as a security guard to home, farms and cattle, also as a friend and now even in assisting military and helping physically challenged people.

Stray Dogs – Selfish Man’s Best Friend

Hence, Dogs are very well known as “Man’s Best Friend” but perhaps dogs don’t know that humans are also known as “Most Selfish Creature”

Today’s Indian stray dog was once used to live proudly under the shelter of his owner who has suddenly left it abandoned, and made completely dependent on the leftovers thrown away on road side. What else could be a better way to show gratitude for whatever these “once pets” had done for human societies.

But now it’s too much. We certainly cannot take more of their howling and barking, their littering and shitting anywhere, spoiling the beauty of our cities, they can even attack us and they already did it many a times before. They are totally intolerable and annoying. So, the best way of getting rid of them is just stop feeding them till they disappear one day. We don’t care about what dogs did to our great great great grandpa’s great grand pa, why would we care? After all what is the use of uncivilized animals between civilized human society?

Clueless of what I am talking about? Let me confess, I used to believe what I wrote in the paragraph above. You can call me a merciless person but that’s what I always used to think of stray dogs till one day I saw three bulky men with iron rods tied with iron wires catching stray dogs on road. They were hunting these animals and quickly they succeeded in trapping one poor dog. That animal was unusually screaming and bleeding from his mouth, fighting with those lifeless wires and rods, finally he gave up himself to those proud he-mans.

Stray Dogs – Selfish Man’s Best Friend

For many Udaipurites this could be a normal daily scene but it shook me from inside. My heart raised many questions which I wanted to ask you, the authority and the people of Udaipur.

Is this the only best way left to get rid of stray dogs?

How these stray dogs come back again?

Who is responsible of these crimes?

There are many more questions but I know that there is no one to answer; there is no one to react because there is no one who cares about it.

We are responsible of these oldest friends of ours; we made them pet and later named them a stray, we stopped feeding them but still unknowingly we feed them with our leftovers, we kill them for nothing. Still, we are not ashamed of our deeds against these innocent animals.

If stray dog is a problem then we ourselves are responsible for it. We don’t need animal welfare society or non government organizations; we need awareness and sense of responsibility towards everything going around our home, colony and city.

Such inhuman and cruel ways of treating innocent animals are unacceptable.

What you can do?

Think about it!

React, react at least from your thoughts.

Some Important facts about stray dogs in India

Over four billion rupees (close to $80m USD) worth of vaccines against rabies are being imported by the country every year.


India has the highest number of human rabies deaths in the world (estimated at 35,000 per annum).

The breed of Indian stray dogs are known as Pariah or Indian Pariah, the term Pariah comes from Tamil Nadu, India where it designates a low caste “untouchable” community.

Now, let’s get back to the point. We seriously need to talk on this issue, even if you are not animal or pet lover but still if you really care about this poor, innocent and abandoned animal then share your views with all of us. We just need to start from somewhere, so why not from here?

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