Fluctuations in temperature-Slight relief from cold

Fluctuations in temperature-Slight relief from cold

Though the temperature is fluctuating, do not be negligent about your health.

Fluctuations in temperature-Slight relief from cold

2018 has just gone by and given us lasting memories. Bidding farewell to 2018 was quite a welcome event as the temperatures went up to some extent making it comfortable for the public to enjoy late night-outs.New Year eve saw many people loving the weather as the spine chilling cold gave some relaxation to the nerves.

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The past few days have been too good as the sun has been shining bright providing enough Vitamin-D to the shrunk-behind-the-blanket masses. Obviously 2018 ended with some relief as the temperature that was 1.8 degrees on Saturday 29th December rose to 5.2 degree by 31st evening.  Rajsamand district came out of the extreme low (minus) temperatures which was a great relief for the masses who felt like they were about to face frost-bite.

On the other hand, fog is likely to disrupt life in the coming days, especially early mornings though cold waves might stop for some time. Whatever the forecast maybe, make sure to keep yourself well protected as even a slight negligence can prove to have a negative effect on health.

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