GREAT NEWS-Jaisamand likely to overflow today

GREAT NEWS-Jaisamand likely to overflow today

Jaisamand is about to overflow.

GREAT NEWS-Jaisamand likely to overflow today

It has rained good news. Jaisamand is barely 6 inches away from the overflow. Monday rains gave almost 7 inches of water, so keep your fingers crossed. Jaisamand Lake is likely to overflow today. What more do we want!!

Bavalwada area had 8 inches of rainfall. Kherwara, Sarada-Chavand areas had heavy rains as a result of which water entered homes, roads got flooded and the shops turned into smaller water bodies with knee-deep water. Somkagdar in Rishabhdev also overflowed. Devas (I) dam also overflowed which was the 1st time that this dam has overflowed this monsoon season. Sisarma was at its peak at 8 feet following which gates of Swaroop Sagar had to be lifted by 2 feet each. It is a well noted fact that Sisarma is at this stage for the 1st time in the month of October after 2010. Ayad was at its level best and the Udaisagar gates had also to be lifted by 5.5 feet. Fatehsagar gates were lifted by 7 cms each as water level increased in both the Madars. Badi Lake has touched the 29 feet mark(keeping fingers crossed). Badgaon dam which has a capacity of 25 feet also overflowed by Tuesday evening. Water level is increasing in Akodara dam and Mansi Vakal.

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Let us take quick look at the rainfall measurements:

Udaipur city 57 mm, Jaisamand 162 mm, Bavalwada 190 mm, Ogna 79 mm, Kherwara 122 mm, Somkagdar 105 mm, alumber 101 mm, Jhadol 100 mm, Udaisagar 51 mm, Rishabhdev 95 mm.

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