Monsoon expected to hit by June end

Monsoon expected to hit by June end

Monsoon to hit 80 percent of the nation by June end.

Monsoon expected to hit by June end

Excessive heat has taken its toll over the entire nation. With temperatures soaring comparatively higher than last year, masses are craving for an early approach of monsoon season.

Relief has arrived in the form of monsoon hitting Kerala 3 days early. As per a previous forecast, it was supposed to hit Kerala by 1st June. As per Skymet, monsoon has hit the coasts of Kerala. All southern coastal regions are experiencing rainfall. Met department says that there will be an average rainfall this year. Heavy rainfall is expected in the next 24 hours in some parts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bay of Bengal and Andaman Nicobar. By the end of June, monsoon is expected to gracefully hit almost 80 percent of the country.

This is the second consecutive year that monsoon has arrived before time. It is expected that it will hit Mumbai in a week’s time. It is likely to hit Madhya Pradesh by 10th June. Central and Northern India might experience pre-monsoon rains in the next 15 to 20 days. It is also expected that the nation will experience around 97 percent rainfall which is considered to be beyond average and this will get down to normal gradually. Areas facing draught like conditions are also likely to have a good monsoon this year.

As per the present situation, monsoon will hit Mumbai by 5th June. Cyclones are active in Arabian Sea making the moisture rise as high as 14 thousand feet forming clouds which are heading towards Southern India. Kerala and Karnataka will experience good rains in the coming days. Months of June and July will experience very good rainfall. Central India will experience normal rainfall and it will be the same in September as well.

Let us hope monsoon this year gives Udaipur lakes the beauty that we all long for. The moment rain drops touch the lake waters; it creates an effect of diamonds in water. Keeping fingers crossed to have the best of rain and hoping it would arrive soon.

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