Not so ‘fun’ny weather after Fani subsides

Not so ‘fun’ny weather after Fani subsides

Temperature hits back with a vengeance post cyclone.

Not so ‘fun’ny weather after Fani subsides

Cyclone Fani has subsided leaving too much of destruction behind. Fani had hit Odisha and the coastal areas bringing a real twist in the weather in other regions for a couple of days. The cyclone lasted for more than 3 days causing major destruction in Odisha where now the public is obviously worried about their lives after they lost almost everything hard earned.

Cyclone Fani had a good effect on Udaipur’s weather for 3 three days where masses witnessed a fall in temperature bringing at least some relief from the heat. Now that the cyclone has subsided, the temperature graph is back with a vengeance. Heat was experienced early morning on Monday post which the day was unbearable. Temperature rose back to 40 degree plus with the sun burning down on the skin. In a single day, the temperature graph rose by 4.6 degrees.

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With 36.6 degrees in the past three days, public had heaved a sigh of relief though the destruction in Odisha troubled every heart. As per the met department, heat will rise even more in the coming days and everyone needs to take precaution while moving out.

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