Pre-monsoon blesses Udaipur|15 mm rain recorded

Pre-monsoon blesses Udaipur|15 mm rain recorded

15 mm rain recorded in Udaipur on Tuesday.

Pre-monsoon blesses Udaipur|15 mm rain recorded

Udaipur is blessed to have relief in the form of pre-monsoons. 15 mm rain was recorded in the city on Tuesday. The temperature graph came down by 6.6 degrees which was the biggest relief that the city experienced this month.

It was around 10:30 a.m. when some parts experienced drizzle and all hopes were on. Around afternoon it began raining which continued until evening followed by a good rain until night. The city was back to life and public rushed towards lakesides and other tourist spots to enjoy the beautiful weather. As per met department, the pressure created by cyclone has resulted in the pre-monsoon rain though the actual spell on monsoon might take some more time.

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Gogunda recorded 1.25 inches where Vallabnagar had 1 inch of rain. As per the Water Resource Department Madar had 10 mm rain, Dabok 21 mm, Nai 18 mm, Dewas 14 mm, Bagoliya 7 mm and Udaisagar had 12 mm of rain. There have been reports of mild to heavy rains in other nearby areas as well. It is also expected that Rajasthan will experience a good spell of pre-monsoon rain in the coming 48 hours.

The pre-monsoon has brightened the hopes of farmers and they have geared up for the kharif crop. The maximum temperature recorded on Tuesday was 29.6 degrees with minimum being 26.4 degrees.

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