Save your loving pets from cold

Save your loving pets from cold

Take care of your pets during winters.

Save your loving pets from cold

Everyone is feeling that chill. Temperatures have fallen to a great extent making people feel breathless. This chill is enough to make people stay under wraps. With the sun losing its effect and cold waves leaving everyone disturbed, it is suggested that we make our pet animals as comfortable as we make ourselves.

Everyone loves their pets. But with this winter season, how many of us are careful with our pet’s comfort? Department of Animal husbandry has issued an advisory for taking care of pets. Attention needs to be paid to dogs most of all since they are prone to diseases in winters. Pets need to be provided with comfortable sleeping zones. Sleeping directly on the floor can prove to be dangerous for the pet dogs. They also need to be protected from cold waves.

Save your loving pets from cold Save your loving pets from cold

Dr. Surendra Changani says that a bed made of grass covered with a sheet should be used for pet dogs and cows. A sheet should be wrapped onto them for more comfort. They must also be left to bask in the sun since the sun’s ray can eliminate the effect of cold that collects in the body at night.

As for dogs, a proper diet has also been advised. Fish supplements and green vegetables (based on family) must be fed to the dogs. Calcium bone is also a must. Even dogs suffer from dandruff. They must be combed from time to time, especially twice a day. In case of ailments like winter diarrhoea, sneezes and vomits a veterinary doctor must be consulted without fail.

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