Snowfall in North -Cold waves hit Lake city

Snowfall in North -Cold waves hit Lake city

Cold waves hit Rajasthan.

Snowfall in North -Cold waves hit Lake city

Winter has now actually set in. Snowfall in the north has sent spine chilling cold waves and Rajasthan is now engulfed in this cold. Public in Udaipur could be spotted trying to protect themselves from the cold winds. Mothers were at their best protecting the little ones by covering them from head to toe.

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Minimum temperature recorded on Friday 14th December was 8.5 which were 10.2 on Thursday. Even the afternoons are carrying the chill and the cover of clouds is making it even colder. As per met department, this fall in temperatures will continue for some days.

Fog can be seen all over in the early morning hours. Even Delhi airport experienced fog as a result of which 9 flights were diverted. Visibility was less than 50 metres and this continued for almost one and half hours.

Tourists could be seen moving around in Lake city but were basically trying to find areas where there was enough sunlight available. Cold waves made it difficult for some people to breathe. Tea and coffee stalls were at their happiest since crowds thronged in for their share of hot steaming cups.

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