Soaring temperature, stay safe and hydrated

Soaring temperature, stay safe and hydrated

Stay safe, stay is mandatory this summer season.

Soaring temperature, stay safe and hydrated

Temperature in Udaipur has gone soaring to the extent of 47 degrees in nearby regions Udaipur city recorded 43 degrees where minimum temperature was 32. With the growing heat, it is recommended that people stay well protected and hydrated.

Met department has alerted that temperature is expected to grow even higher in the coming week. It has already become difficult outdoors at 10 a.m. itself. Sun’s rays have started burning on the skin and heat waves have made it all the more difficult to move around. Most of the regions of Udaipur are likely to experience tremendous heat waves and need utmost care and protection.

Staying hydrated in this season is the need of the hour. Take out time for drinking water and fresh juices wherever available. It is the best way to beat the heat. Roads are becoming isolated by 12 noon since the day begins with heat waves. It is also recommended that heart patients avoid moving out in this growing heat since they are more prone to heat strokes and other heat related troubles have quick effect on their health.

It has also been pointed out by the Met department that temperature is 7 degrees more as compared to last year in the month of May. By the end of this month, it is expected that monsoon will hit Kerala which means that Udaipur is likely to have rains by the first week of June.

Consume a lot of Aam pana, other sour juices, butter milk and of course water which must be consumed every half an hour. Eat plenty of onions to escape sun stroke. Keep your head well covered and your body also needs to be protected against sun-burns. Watermelon is a good source of fibre and water, but do not consume if it is left open for a long time especially in market area. Have a freshly cut watermelon and keep your comfortably full.

Stay hydrated, do not avoid signs of discomfort and consult a physician immediately in case of any ailment in this season. Stay safe.

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