Winter in a different mood-Playing games this year

Winter in a different mood-Playing games this year

Winter cycle has changed this year confusing all.

Winter in a different mood-Playing games this year

Winter is in a different mood this year. It is playing games with all of us. “Now you see me, now you don’t” …we can use this for the winter season this 2017.

Global warming is behind this late arrival of winters. We all know this fact and in that corner of our heart, we know that we humans are responsible for this global warming. As per the normal cycle, winter should have started showing its true colours around Diwali festival. But this year, woollens haven’t seen a proper use till now.

Mornings have a slight chill, but post 8:30 a.m. sweaters are taken off. Two-wheeler drivers need woollens for a while but those driving 4 wheelers do not feel the need even in the morning. Afternoons are pleasant, sometimes a little hot but bearable. With no sweating, afternoons seem perfect to move out for shopping. Those willing to flaunt their designer dresses (both light and heavy) are finding afternoons and even evenings very comfortable.

Evenings are also a pleasant affair this season. Parents hosting parties in lawns and other open areas do not have to worry about their kids falling prey to cold…though this weather needs some specific care. With the winter season coming at such a slow pace, it is actually difficult to fix travel plans and outings. Homes are getting the effect of chill but the outdoor is just the opposite. People wrapping shawls inside homes are forced to take them off once they move out.

Winter with its extremely different mood this year is creating confusion for all. Roll up your sleeves or roll them down…winter season will let you play games with your wardrobe like never before. The point is if this year winter arrives late in its real form…how long will it last? Will this bring a new cycle of weather or will this year be an exception?

image source : pixabay

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