BEWARE-Snakes could be hidden anywhere

BEWARE-Snakes could be hidden anywhere

BEWARE-Snakes could be hidden anywhere.

BEWARE-Snakes could be hidden anywhere

Happiness of monsoon can be seen everywhere. But this monsoon also brings some dangers with it, especially the wild life. So BEWARE-Snakes could be hidden anywhere.

As per wildlife rescue society, buildings have been constructed just everywhere. Since deforestation has resulted in destroying the natural habitats of wild animals, wild life especially snakes find places to hide in homes. And not just this, the biggest point of fear is that they can hide anywhere in the house. Corners, boxes, under the beds, areas where gas cylinders are kept, air-conditioners, flush tanks in toilets and any place which they find cool enough and comfortable are the hiding places of snakes. Snakes get enough food to eat inside the houses, specifically rats…so they choose the comforts of houses as their hiding place.

Be very careful while you are about to wear that favourite pair of shoes, there might be a snake or any other poisonous life inside it. Check your two-wheelers well before driving as the seat is also a hiding place for snakes. Snakes have also been seen coiling up in the vehicle’s machinery. Even metre boxes are good hiding points for snakes. Cars are also a good home for snakes in monsoon season.

Most of the snakes found till now this season are cobra, Russell viper and common krait. If you spot any snake inside your house, call the wild life rescue society instead of trying to hush out the poisonous danger yourself.

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