Documentaries on Sita Mata Sanctuary and Phulwari ki Naal

Documentaries on Sita Mata Sanctuary and Phulwari ki Naal

Documentaries will be made on Sita Mata Sanctuary and Phulwari ki Naal.

Documentaries on Sita Mata Sanctuary and Phulwari ki Naal

Forest department has come up with the idea of making documentaries on Sita Mata Sanctuary, Phulwari ki Naal and Bassi Sanctuary. This plan will work well with the tourists who will be able to get a vivid picture of these sanctuaries at any point of time without missing on the important aspects of jungle.

Wildlife can be spotted at a particular time in the jungle. With everything captured as documentaries, it will be easier for the tourists to get an idea on the wildlife which they miss out while the animals are in hibernation. Also certain animals are difficult to spot; hence people making these documentaries will try to capture every move in the forest for people to see.

To encourage eco-adventure tours, forest department has decided to shell out 2 lakh rupees for each sanctuary for these documentaries. Short documentary films will give a beautiful picture of life in forests.

Along with wild life, life of tribes in these areas will also be recorded so that tourists can learn about the habits and life styles of these tribes who have been dwelling in forest areas since ages. Waterfalls, wild life which can rarely be sighted, migratory birds, glow-worms and deep dense forests will be recorded in these documentaries.

All these steps are encouraging enough for a tourist who would definitely take a plunge into the forest and be a part of nature-adventure after watching these documentaries.

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