Hunger and thirst forces leopards to hit city area

Hunger and thirst forces leopards to hit city area

Hunger and thirst pushes leopards to city area.

Hunger and thirst forces leopards to hit city area

Hunger and thirst drives everybody crazy. Same is the case with animals. These two basic things push any animal to move here and there in search of food and water. Since forests are not as dense and extensive as they used to be, wild life can be seen entering townships looking for food and water.

It has been noted that scarcity of food and water is forcing leopards to move towards city. Now that rise in temperature has already lowered down water level, Udaipur has seen many cases of leopards entering city area. These wild creatures have also attacked humans and have been victims of human attack as well. Another point that has been observed is that many leopards have become victims of accidents while crossing roads. Some have been wounded and some have even died.

Experts say that water bodies in the forest are close to getting dried. Another point is that since heat has not risen enough, forest department is not having the water ponds filled for animals. This fact is forcing the wild beasts of prey to rush to the city area for water and food. Experts have also pointed out that forest department must breed rabbits and leave them in the forest so that wild animals can feed on them. If this is not done beasts like panthers and leopards are certain to hit the city in search of food and will attack cattle in the villages. Even humans are at risk from these hungry animals.

According to the forest department there is no scarcity of water yet in the forest. It has become a normal activity in the past few years that leopards and panthers are entering city area. The sad part is that a lot of leopards have lost their lives after being hit by heavy transport vehicles on highways. This is reducing their numbers.

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