Wildlife Sighting at Leopard Conservation Reserve near Amarkhaji

Wildlife Sighting at Leopard Conservation Reserve near Amarkhaji

Preparations are underway to expand the reserve's area

Leopard Conservation Reserve at Amarkhaji

A Leopard Conservation Reserve is underway in Amarkhaji, 10km from Udaipur. The reserve, covering an area of 7400 hectares, marks a crucial step in wildlife preservation efforts.

First Wildlife Sightings

For the first time in the reserve area, sightings of Bears, Sloths, and Wild Boars have been recorded. These animals were spotted quenching their thirst at the same water source in the Santu forest, Sakroda.

Forest Department Surveillance

Surveillance efforts have been bolstered in the region. On April 16, the Forest Department installed 15 trap cameras around various waterholes and natural sources within the reserve. Continuous data collection is being conducted by employees stationed at the Uday Niwas outpost.

Officers analyzing footage from the trap cameras every 4 to 5 days were astounded by the recordings from Santu. Ranger Surendra Singh Shekhawat reported sightings of one bear, two sloths, and wild boars so far, indicating a thriving wildlife presence in the area.

Expansion Plans

Preparations are underway to expand the reserve's area, encompassing surrounding forest regions. The expansion will extend to the hills along the Amberi-Debari road (Pindwara Highway), Udaisagar Lake, Mavli, and Kurabad Range, with the Santu forest area included in the Kurabad Range.

This initiative has garnered excitement among wildlife enthusiasts, signaling a promising future for conservation efforts in the region. This is also expected to further boost ecotourism in and around Udaipur.

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