Love affair-Lion family to grow in Biological park

Love affair-Lion family to grow in Biological park

Lion pair in biological park get close.

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Love affair-Lion family to grow in Biological park

Biological Park is in for good news. The park is now witnessing a lion pair growing fond of each other.

This is certainly a wonderful sight for all, both tourists and locals, that a lion and lioness in the biological park have found a mate in each other. The love affair between these mighty animals is a positive sign in the sense that lion family is expected to grow now.

Lion Sher Ali and hybrid Lioness Sarah spend most of the time together in their enclosure in park. CCF Rahul Bhatanagar has expressed his happiness saying this will add lions to the biological park.

Lioness Sarah was brought to Udaipur in July from Pilikula biological park of Mangalore. She was brought here in exchange for hybrid lion Prashant. The main objective of getting Sarah to Udaipur was getting a mate for lion Sher Ali.

Forest department was trying its level best to get these two mighty beasts together so that they get acquainted with other. The ultimate need is to have their offspring to increase the number of lions. Earlier these two beasts were kept together in holding area but were not taken out in the display area. Now that the efforts of getting these two together have paid off, they are being kept together in an enclosure. Sight of a lion pair together is certainly making everyone feel excited.

The love affair of these two lions is expected to grow giving the gift of more lions to the park.

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