“The shot panther was MAN-EATER”, endorses Wildlife Institute

“The shot panther was MAN-EATER”, endorses Wildlife Institute

The fact that the shot panther was "the" man-eater has been endorsed by Wildlife Institute.

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“The shot panther was MAN-EATER”, endorses Wildlife Institute

A few days back a panther had to be shot dead as it had taken many human lives in Tidi village. A lot of assumptions and objections followed this act raising fingers on the authenticity of this particular beast being a man-eater. Public went to the extent of objecting the act of shooting the panther mentioning that it could have been caged and released elsewhere.

Wildlife Institute has endorsed after proper investigations that the shot panther was the one which had turned into a man-eater and had taken lives in the village. The scientists of the institute after investigations prepared a report and discussed it with District Collector Anandi and it was endorsed that the actual man-eater was targeted and not any other beast. The DNA report is about to arrive which will prove that the decision was apt.

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Dr Sanad Mulia from Wildlife Institute, Dehradun, along with Dr Ankush Dube and Dr Sarvesh Rai had visited the forest on 15th August and inspected all the 8 cages and the 3 sites. It was observed that the panther did not come to these areas as it probably wanted to hunt on its own and was smart enough to stay away from the trap. Also  there were no signs of pug marks belonging to any other panther. DFO Ajay Chittora once again mentioned that tyres were burnt outside a cave so that the panther is forced to come put because of smoke, but it didn’t. Tear gas was used later which made the panther leave the cave. After this, tranquiliser was used and the fear of the panther attacking the public once again was the main reason for it being shot.

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