Udaipur Wildlife: Phulwari Ki Nal Sanctuary to Offer Close-Up Bear Encounters for Tourists

Udaipur Wildlife: Phulwari Ki Nal Sanctuary to Offer Close-Up Bear Encounters for Tourists

New Bear Conservation-Eco Tourism Project Launched in Phulwari Ki Nal Sanctuary


Phulwari Ki Nal

New conservation reserve within the sanctuary

Udaipur: Tourists visiting Phulwari Ki Nal sanctuary, situated 90 kilometers from Udaipur, are in for a treat as they can now closely observe bears. The Forest Department has initiated the Bear Conservation-Eco Tourism Project to create a new conservation reserve within the sanctuary.

Conservation Efforts

Under the project, 50 hectares of land will be dedicated to plantation for the bears' food, accompanied by the establishment of water holes. Watch towers will be erected on the hill, providing tourists with a vantage point to observe the forest. Additionally, the project includes monitoring of bears and their breeding in the jungle.

Wildlife Census Findings

The Forest Department's wildlife census in 2022 revealed the presence of approximately 40 bears in the sanctuary. Phulwari Ki Nal is situated adjacent to Sancte and near the Polo Forest in Gujarat, attracting a significant number of bears from Gujarat due to its proximity.

Human-Wildlife Conflict

The influx of bears often leads to encounters with the tribal population, as these wild animals venture into homes and fields in search of food. The Sanctuary, home to villages like Mal and Sarvan, located just 2 to 3 kilometers away, faces this issue. However, with sufficient food supply in the conservation reserve, this conflict can be mitigated.

Other Sanctuary Bear Sightings

Apart from Phulwari Ki Nal Sanctuary, Jaisamand Sanctuary houses one bear, while Amarkhaji Leopard Conservation Reserve hosts three. The connectivity to Gogunda results in bears venturing close to the city from Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary as well.

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