Udaipur snake catchers felicitated-World Snake Day

Udaipur snake catchers felicitated-World Snake Day

Felicitation of snake catchers and shooters on World Snake Day.

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Udaipur snake catchers felicitated-World Snake Day

16th July is celebrated as World Snake Day. On this day, 35 snake catchers of Udaipur were felicitated by Wild Animal Rescue Society.

People working in the fields of wild life rescue and environment conservation were felicitated on 16th July. The felicitation ceremony took place in Ranaji Restaurant. Members were given certificates and mementos. Padam Singh Rathore, Founder of Wild Animal Rescue Society, and Director Tushar Mehta felicitated shooter Satnam Singh, Lal Singh, Ram Singh and Mangilal.

Chief Conservator Ashok Jain provided information on society’s efforts on conservation of snakes and other wild life. Wild Animal Rescue Society celebrated World Snake Day where Chief Guest Suhail Majbur, Special Guest Pratap Singh, Secretary Abdul Jabbar, Gopal Nagar and Pradip Joshi spoke about the rescue of snakes. Centre Head Chaman Singh also gave information on steps to be taken in case of snakes.

There are more than 2500 species of snakes in the world out of which 500 are venomous. Mewar region has around 31 species out of which only 4 are venomous. These are mainly cobra, russell viper, krait and saw-scaled viper.

World Snake Day celebration was started by Texas. In 1967 an organisation started making people aware of the variety of snakes, since then this day has been celebrated as World Snake Day. Highlights of this day are:

Consulting a doctor in case of snake bite (local ‘babas’ or ‘tantriks’ are not to be contacted).

Clicking a picture (if possible) of the snake which bit the person.

Tying the area in three places just above the snake bite affected portion. Tie loose enough to allow slow blood circulation. The affected person must not be made to walk to the hospital as it increases blood circulation and this allows poison to flow in the entire body.

Many times, the snake bite is not poisonous but people die out of fear. Stay calm.

Never try to catch a snake or scare it off. Call the wild animal rescue society immediately.

Contact numbers of Wild Animal Rescue Society

9829597722, 9414234826

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