Female’s Safety is top Priority: ADGP, Kapil Garg

Female’s Safety is top Priority: ADGP, Kapil Garg

In his 3-day visit to Udaipur, Kapil Garg, ADGP addressed the media; spoke about various security measures, reformation and upcoming development works in police department of Udaipur.


Female’s Safety is top Priority: ADGP, Kapil Garg

In his 3-day visit to Udaipur, Kapil Garg, ADGP addressed the media; spoke about various security measures, reformation and upcoming development works in police department of Udaipur.

ADSP’s three days inspection started yesterday, with Parade at the Police line and then moved forward to inspect different activities of Police line.

Thereafter, he held a meeting regarding Crime in Udaipur at the Police Conference Hall, where three main discussion points were, to prepare a strategy to catch habitual criminals and put an end to their activities; secondly, to stop incidental criminals, all those who do not have any previous record but incidentally commit crime and the third, and most important to make a framework, an atmosphere safer for the most weaker section of the society, ‘women’ and to point out the sensitive areas of the district and to appoint police men accordingly.

Female’s Safety is top Priority: ADGP, Kapil Garg

ADSP explained to the media, “In these types of Inspections we use to a have open discussions on the problems faced by Police Department and try to provide solutions to them and tips are provided to for crime control”.

While, talking about the safety of females, ADGP said that, whenever a woman lodges a complaint, it should be taken seriously, and quick action should be taken on the same.

When asked that being a tourist place, Udaipur receives continuous flow of tourist as well as VIPs, should there be a separate wing to deal with VIPs and tourists so that other police force can be put on useful work? On this, ADGP said that, a proposal has already given in the year 2007 and it’s still under consideration.

With respect to the stress full life of policemen, he said that, when the number of the Police Stations will be increased, we will be able to reduce the stress from the life of policemen and provide timely holidays etc. De-stressing techniques were also discussed in this inspection.

ADGP shared that in these two days, “I have found so many good things and some bad things too, however overall I am satisfied with Udaipur Police”.

Pointing to the trespassing of the illegal liquor from neighboring states and being caught in Udaipur, when a reporter questioned that is it a failure of police that the illegal trade succeeds in passing so many check points on its way; on this, Kapil Garg answered moderately, “you must appreciate your police for this, that the truck carrying illegal liquor passing from so many places were caught by Udaipur police, it was their efficiency”.

Highlighting the aspects of Crime related meeting yesterday, ADSP mentioned that the Government has sanctioned an amount of Rs. 100 crore for IT development of Police Department. Deployment of funds is headed by various committees headed under Government supervision.

Talking about the new projects launched by Police department, ADSP listed projects like Crime Criminal Tracking and Networking System (CCTNS); it is an online criminal tracking system which has been already discussed in the crime meeting taken by the D.G. s of M.P., Gujarat and Rajasthan.

ADSP also highlighted a helpline system available only for women, called as Women against crime (1090), whose head quarter is situated at Jaipur.

When ADGP asked about shifting of Female Police Station in the city periphery, he said that it is a genuine problem that if a woman has to file a complaint against anyone she has to go to Police Station situated outside the city area. Upon the suggestion of establishing a female desk at each police station, he said that he will discuss it with his seniors and try his level best to bring the female desk at each police station.

Upon the question of installation of CCTV cameras in Police Stations, Garg said, “While, I was the permanent official at Udaipur, there were no CCTV cameras in Police stations, however, I will consider the implementation”.

With respect to installation of CCTV cameras at traffic signals; ADGP deferred, by saying that the task is in progress.

In the further discussion, ADGP also brought into light the ‘P.P.P.’ Police, Public Participation Sytem and explained that if anybody or any Ngo wants to help or assist police in their work, then they can do it under the three P systems. He also said that a new chart of the police Stations has been provided that has 45 policemen at Village level Police Station and 60 Policemen at each city level Police station. In the year 2012, 10,000 new policemen have been added in the force and this year it will be 20 thousand.

At the end, through media Kapil Garg, ADGP made an appeal to the public, “We need your support; without public help we cannot execute our work efficiently and effectively”.

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