Google Never Dies with Obbserv | Exploding Power of Digital meets grand Success

Google Never Dies with Obbserv | Exploding Power of Digital meets grand Success

“We came, they came & together we saw the exploding power of DIGITAL...” the Google Never Dies meetup on November 3 successfully explored the ever growing power of Digital and its influence in Udaipur

Google Never Dies with Obbserv | Exploding Power of Digital meets grand Success

We came, they came & together we saw the exploding power of DIGITAL…” the Google Never Dies meetup on November 3 successfully explored the ever growing power of Digital and its influence in Udaipur.

Google Never Dies Meetup, an initiative by by Obbserv, was conceptualised to revolutionise the digital ecosystem of Udaipur with new learnings, experiences and possibilities.  Google… was organised in the pursuit of giving back to the society and taking a step towards making Udaipur a digital hub. Organised at CTAE, Udaipur, it was one-of-a-kind digital marketing event that closely addressed the right approach to gauging the impact of the vast spread of digital and to derive growth of oneself or brands from this ever-evolving field.

The event encompassed 4  engaging sessions that concentrated on various aspects of digital marketing with Google –  each session paired with Q & A interaction with the audience. Introductory session, ‘The Digital You’ was led by Ravi Soni, co-founder, Obbserv, where he shared his digital vision and mission with all present there as a journey executed and experienced by Obbserv. He gave valuable insights on how digitization is making things faster and more approachable and certainly influencing the human behaviour. He stressed upon digital marketing being a journey between a brand and a consumer and how effortlessly it bridges the gap between the two, with access to maximum information resources in the shortest time possible. With Obbserv’s use cases, he showed how digital can be used to drive and power critical, life-changing decisions.

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Rohan Ayyar, Regional Marketing Manager, SEMrush led the next session on evolving nature of Google. Obbserv was delighted to partner with SEMrush, the leading SEO suite in the world for this event. Trusted by over 3 million marketing specialists worldwide, the tool provides rich insights into competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, and link building and helps one build effective strategies for improved performance. This collaboration opened doors to engage with Rohan Ayyar, a digital maestro who has developed excellent data-driven strategies for SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing and is equally keen on upskilling others with his knowledge. He adopted a playful and interactive approach early on and slowly dived into how Google not only functions as the ultimate knowledge bank but gives every digital marketing professional an opportunity to optimise it for a better search experience. He shared useful data-supported tricks and tips and benefits of SEMrush SEO suite for digital marketers and SEO personnel looking forward to gain a competitive edge in their particular niche.

Google Never Dies with Obbserv | Exploding Power of Digital meets grand Success

After these riveting sessions, it was time for the panel discussion with Madhukar Dubey, CEO, Fusion Business Solutions Inc., Piyush Javeria, Director, Faculty of Engineering, Pacific University (Udaipur), Rahul Mehta, CEO, I.EVO and Ajay Raj Acharya, Co-Founder, Obbserv on ‘The Digital Future: Organisation, People & Skills’. It was a varied panel that brought together the experience of digital marketing by a traditional business, an IT company and an educational institute all on one stage. The panel took to some of the most relelevant and thought-provoking questions in consideration to their own business expertise and the ever-expanding digital field.

The panel addressed questions and queries on the indispensable impact of digital marketing on growth and development of organizations and key parameters for efficient digital growth across companies and industries. They shared various examples along with the impact of digital marketing on their personal business or institutional journey. The panel also threw light upon how Udaipur is slowly but steadily evolving digitally and how the combination of growing awareness, belief in digital and appropriate actions towards it can take the city to another level on the digital map.

From the eye of a venture or business, the panel discussed about the new-age skill set required in their own fields and how culture, talent , education and experience cumulatively contribute to career growth. Last but not the least, the panel deliberated on the limitations and possibilities for young and energetic talent in Udaipur to access and utilise world-class business opportunities, especially with the progress in digital. Ajay Raj Acharya helped conclude the panel discussion on the positive note of seeking clarity for advancement and upholding culture for success in different avenues of life. All in all, the expert panel, very creatively and effortlessly communicated their thoughts and practical advice to the present audience while emphasizing on the endless growth possibilities with digital marketing.

Google Never Dies with Obbserv | Exploding Power of Digital meets grand Success

The last session was on ‘The Digital Secrets’ by Devendra Saini, an SEO strategist and SEO Leader at Obbserv. It was based on how strategy-driven SEO is thriving at Obbserv. He shared how Google is a game of relevance while demystifying many myths related to functioning of SEO. He spoke on how the continuous updates of Google algorithms can be intimidating but can be dealt with by focusing on content, technology and authority building. He also spoke about how different Google algorithms scrutinized each of these aspects. During his session, he stressed upon the value of structured SEO content, evolution of intent of search and its implications, detailed keyword research and how to add true value to the user via a well planned strategy.

The event was successfully concluded with a word of thanks by Ajay Raj Acharya where he thanked Rohan Ayyar for bringing SEMrush exposure to Udaipur and his experience with digital to the table. He expressed his gratitude to the expert panelists for their time and valuable perception on various topics discussed. He thanked the inspiring audience for being patient and showing a strong will to learn.  

Obbserv is extremely excited by the exposure it was able to provide through this unique event. Not only was it marked by enthralling and interactive sessions but it revealed the amazing team effort displayed by the Obbservers. Each one participated with great zeal & vigour to make this a great success. Obbserv is proud to have partnered with SEMrush, an award-winning SEO tool and having an experienced professional like Rohan Ayyar on-board as a speaker for the event. With 200+ participants and knowledgeable speakers being a part of this, Obbserv is now deeply encouraged for the bright and sustainable future of digital in Udaipur and hopes to drive growth in this arena with its actions and events like these in the long run.

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