How to stay away from social media at night?

How to stay away from social media at night?

Stay away from social media at night.

How to stay away from social media at night?

Stay away from social media at night is something that we all must follow.

The big question is “How to stay away from social media at night”? Especially at night…let me emphasise that. It is easier to preach than follow. But in this case if we all do follow, we can make our lives easier and health better.

Queen’s University of Kingston and Glasgow University have researched a lot on this aspect and concluded that excessive use of social media turns a person into mental patient. It also increases the feelings of depression which arise out of dissatisfaction among people. Insomnia and memory loss(both long and short term) are also the side effects of over usage of social media. The effects of long term usage of social media are mostly seen in youngsters.

The researches have come up with simple techniques of staying away from social media:

  • Internet and Notification: As per studies, internet should be switched off and even the notification tones should be kept on silent mode at night. Notifications and social media disturb your sleep and you feel tempted to use social media once your sleep goes off. This results in the mind becoming overactive and the result is loss of sleep which is bad for health.
  • Time schedule: Keep a gap of two hours between using social media and your sleep. By the time you go to sleep, your mind will wash away all the effects of social media in two hours and you will start falling into the required sleep mode. This also gives you a good sleep and that is all a healthy mind and body needs.
  • Side effects of mobile screen: Only social media is not responsible for bad health. Our eyes also suffer due to screen illumination. The brightness of the screen at night when natural light is not present disturbs our eye sight, eventually resulting in a weak eye sight.

So to stay healthy and happy(since social media is also disturbing relations) it is advised that we stay away from social media at night, take a good sleep, get up with a fresh mind and enjoy the day with a healthy state of mind.

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