Police nabs murderers of Writer Safeguard employee - How safe is Safeguard

Police nabs murderers of Writer Safeguard employee - How safe is Safeguard

Did Writer follow the correct procedure in transporting cash of this volume? This is not the first time that employees of cash transportation companies have been attacked in this manner. There is a long history of Writer Safeguard employees being looted. At times, police have also suspected insider involvement.
Police nabs murderers of Writer Safeguard employee - How safe is Safeguard
  • CCTV footage analysis by Abhay Command Center assists in zeroing in on accused
  • Legacy methods of history sheeter analysis, company employees round up leads police to accused
  • Two of the accused were working with Flipkart, whose cash was being carried by Amit

CCTV footage has helped Udaipur Police to nab all three people accused of murdering an employee of a cash transportation company outside Axis Bank on 14 September.

Victim was an employee of one of India's premier cash transportation companies and the cash belonged to Flipkart, India's largest online portal

The police informed that Amit was working for Writer Safeguard Pvt Ltd  in Udaipur and was carrying Rs 30 lakh in cash with him. This money was collected from Flipkart office in Udaipur and was meant to be deposited in Axis Bank. CCTV footage across the entire route followed by the victim was analysed by the team at Abhay Command Center, along with legacy methods of history sheeter round up, employees check, etc. Police zeroed in on the three accused, two of whom were employees of Flipkart office in Udaipur.

Of the three accused who have been arrested Dinesh Meghwal (24), resident of Nagda Restaurant gali and Naveen (22), resident of Kalkamata road, Udaipur are employees of Flipkart Udaipur office and have not reported for duty over the last couple of weeks. On interrogation they accepted that they had been following Amit for the last couple of weeks on a motorcycle borrowed from Dinesh's friend. The third accused, Prashant Singh, aged 29, resident of Ganesh Ghat, Ghantaghar, is apparently the mastermind behind the operation.

Company wil be charged with operational negligence - SP Kailash Bishnoi

As per regulations, cash deposit management companies like Writer have to ensure that cash collection and deposit take place under tight security. Answering questions on the security deployment by Writer, SP Udaipur, Kailash Bishnoi said that the company operations in Udaipur will be questioned to this effect and necessary action will be taken against the company for operational negligence, which resulted in the murder of one of its employees. As per the formulated regulations in 2018, cash transportation of this volume needs to be done in a secure vehicle with trained personnel and security features in place. Amit was emplyed with Writer Safeguard, a regulated sevice provider, which is the preferred service provider to major banks across various cities including Udaipur. Such a reputed company permitting it staff to collect and carry Rs 30 lakh with him in cash in an exposed two wheeler, without any security protocol in place speaks volumes on the negligence of the premier cash transportation company.

Writer vehicles and employees have been mugged before

In the year 2016, there were seven different incidents in Gujarat, where Writer employees were mugged while they were carrying cash for depositing in banks. There was suspicion on insider involvement and this was being investigated in Ahmedabad. As per a report published by a leading national daily, Mumbai super cop Julio Ribeiro is a consultant to Writer. As per the report, multiiple incidents in Gujarat as well as across the country, especially with Writer employees, caused hte police to believe that it was an insider involvement.

What happened on 14 September

As per the information provided by police today evening at a press conference, the team from Hathipol police station used CCTV footage across the area where three men on a motorbike attacked a salesman with an intention to loot the money he was carrying. This incident occured on 14 Septemer, when Amit, a salesman working for Writer Safeguard in Udaipur was carrying cash with him to deposit the money collected from Writer's client, Flipkart in the bank. When he reached the bank, three people on a motorbike intercepted him while he parked his bik outside Upkar store on Saheli Marg and attempted to snatch the bag away from him, which the victim resisted. In the process, one of the three persons stabbed him with a knife, causing severe injuries. Amit managed to run into Axis Bank branch at Saheli Marg and the attackers fled the scene without the money. Amit was taken to hospital, but could not be saved. During his treatment he informed the police about his background and the route he followed. Read the entire story here.

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