Government School in Udaipur closed due to absence of Teacher

Government School in Udaipur closed due to absence of Teacher

The future of 45 children is at stake.

Government School in Gogunda closed for 5 months

Block education officer has said that he is not aware of the matter.

The future of students is at risk in a Government School in Udaipur. Recently, a case of a government school being closed for more than 5 months has come to light.

Where on one hand Udaipur is enjoying the limelight of the recognition accorded to the government schools in Kotra and the focus of officials is completely on that area, the flip side is that another school in a nearby area has gone unobserved and pathetically ignored.  This primary is under question is the one at Tapur village in the Tiloy gram at Gogunda in Udaipur.  Sadly, the school is closed for the last 5 months as there is no teacher in the school.

The reason for the school being closed is that the teacher, who was teaching there till 5 months ago, was on deputation.  Prahlad Kumar Meena was posted to Tapur on deputation from Malviya School.  When his deputation period ended 5 months ago, he closed shop at Tapur and moved back to Malviya. His deputation ended last year on 21 December. Since then the school is closed. Hoowever, when Meena was on deputation, the school used to operate regularly.

Future of 45 Students is on risk

There are 25 Boys & 20 Girls, whose future is at stake due to the unavailability of the teacher & because school is closed. The local people informed that school is closed from last 5 months. Since the school is closed, students are therefore engaged in other activities such as household chores, grazing animals or working in the farm & fields, etc. Villagers have raised a demand that a teacher for the school should be provided at the earliest.

Education officer unaware of the scenario

On behalf of the villagers, the report has been submitted to Tara Chand Meena over the matter. Now the point is that since the school was closed from last 5 months, how will the children take the examination, which are about to start from 27 April. CP Jaiswal, block Chief Education Officer, expressed ignorance regarding the matter. He said that he will look into the matter and will make the arrangements for teachers for the  Tapur school through the PEEO format.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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