Mobile battery explodes-Child injured

Mobile battery explodes-Child injured

BEWARE-Keep mobile batteries away from your child's reach.

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Mobile battery explodes-Child injured

Mobile batteries have caused a lot of harm in the past. People have succumbed to serious injuries where their body parts have been tattered due to battery blasts. One such incident is heart wrenching.

An innocent 5 year old was soaked in blood due to tattered jaw. And all this because of the mobile battery… The little girl was playing with the mobile’s battery and hit it with a stone not knowing the situation it could land her up into. The battery blasted and split open her jaw. The blast was so disastrous that the child fainted on the spot.

The girl’s parents rushed her to MB hospital. Doctors and the staff were speechless after seeing her condition and could feel the seriousness of the case. The child was taken to OPD but the parents suddenly decided to rush her to Ahmedabad.

As per expert Amit Israni, mobile phone battery has cells containing carbon or lithium ion liquid. When over charged, it releases gas and as a result the battery swells up. If this battery is hit, a short circuit takes place in it and makes it explode. This explosion is extremely disastrous.

Caution must be taken:

  • To keep batteries away from the reach of kids
  • Dispose all old and worn out batteries
  • Do not keep mobile on bed while charging because if accidentally pressed it can burst
  • Keep smart phones out of cover when they heat up. Allow the mobile to cool down before charging
  • DO NOT talk over phone while it is plugged in for charging

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