Udaipur:Transforming Sukhadia Circle and Saheli Marg into Child-Friendly Zones

Udaipur:Transforming Sukhadia Circle and Saheli Marg into Child-Friendly Zones

Hanuman Park and Neemuch Kheda area will also be developed

Development of Child Friendly Zones In Udaipur

On Thursday, July 6, 2023, a meeting was convened, chaired by Corporation Commissioner Vasudev Malavat, with the participation of several organizations. During the meeting, it was decided to undertake initiatives to make the Sukhadia Circle and Saheli Marg areas of the city more child-friendly. Additionally, plans were made to construct a Sensory Park on the vacant land near Bird Park in Gulab Bagh. Furthermore, development activities were proposed for Hanuman Park in Ashok Nagar, along with the designation of the surrounding area as a child priority zone.

Sensory Park will include:

  • The Sensory Park, to be constructed on the vacant land near Bird Park in Gulab Bagh, will feature a variety of facilities and amenities. These include a small mountain, rope climbing area, a mesmerizing musical fountain, a vibrant flower bed, a sand pit, and a dedicated play area. 
  • In addition to the aforementioned initiatives, there was a unanimous agreement reached regarding the preparation and development of project reports for two other important establishments. The first is the Indira Colony Anganwadi Center, situated in Govardhan Sagar, where efforts will be made to enhance and improve its facilities. The second is the Primary Health Center located in Sector-14, which will undergo a comprehensive evaluation and planning process to ensure its effective functioning.
  • During the meeting, Executive Engineer Shashibala put forth a proposal for collaboration with the Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) to enhance the quality of roads. It was highlighted that by considering the perspective of a child with a height of 95 cm during the development of urban areas, it is possible to create environments that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe and accessible for individuals of all age groups. 

The meeting witnessed the participation of officials from the Urban-95 project, which is a collaborative effort involving the Bernard Van Leer Foundation, ICLEI South Asia, Ecorys India, and Jatan Sansthan. Among the attendees was Kirti Rathore, Deputy Director of Integrated Child Development, who commended the efforts made to transform the Manoharpura Anganwadi Center and the Primary Health Center in Sector-11 into child-friendly spaces. Rathore further recommended extending these enhancements to other centers throughout the city.

Ipshita Sinha, the representative of the Bernard Van Leer Foundation, shed light on the objective of the Urban-95 program, emphasizing its focus on the holistic development of children up to the age of 5 years. The collaboration aims to create environments that support the comprehensive growth and well-being of young children, promoting their physical, cognitive, and emotional development. 

Following the presentation of Sensory Park, the Corporation Commissioner granted his approval to the detailed project report and design. Subsequently, the committee entered into a contract with the firm responsible for developing the park to oversee its operation and maintenance for a period of five years.

Furthermore, an agreement was reached to enhance the accessibility and safety of Saheli Marg, stretching from UIT Chauraha to Saheliyon Ki Bari, as well as from Soni Hospital to Sukhadia Circle, with the aim of making them more child-friendly. City Traffic Inspector Devendra Singh has agreed to oversee constant surveillance of both these routes by installing CCTV cameras, in collaboration with traffic control and the Abhay command. Numerous improvements will be undertaken along these routes, encompassing the development of accessible footpaths, shaded gathering spots, and designated vendor zones catering to children's needs.

After engaging in an extensive discussion on the detailed project report (DPR), consent was also granted to designate the surrounding area of Hanuman Park, Neemuch Kheda Gawri Chowk, and Ashok Nagar as child priority zones. The aim is to ensure the effective implementation of all projects in these areas. 

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