Inconspicuous leaders of Rajasthan

Inconspicuous leaders of Rajasthan

Gulab Chand Kataria Bharati Janta Party Governor of Assam, Bhajan Lal Sharma, Chief Minister of Rajasthan

The Assembly elections in Rajasthan were held in November 2023 and the results favoring the BJP were announced in the first week of December, when the incumbent CM Ashok Gehlot was replaced by the BJP Chief Minister 'face' Bhajan Lal Sharma  - a surprise choice but strategic considering the ecosystem and dynamics prevalent in the current BJP.

Similarly, before the election campaigning began in 2023, the BJP honcho Gulab Chand Kataria of Udaipur, was conveniently given the role of Governor of Assam in February 2023, thereby taking him out of active campaign oriented party politics for sometime or probably for good.

Interestingly, the new Chief Minister of Rajasthan is being seen more on hoardings (albeit in a much shorter frame as compared to that of PM Narendra Modi) rather than in policy announcements or events, both social and political. His presence as the Chief Minister or the 'face' of Rajasthan is very inconspicuous, when compared to the past Chief Ministers, both Ashok Gehlot and Vasundhara Raje. This goes to show how 'strategic' his appointment is as the Chief Minister of a heavy state as Rajasthan.

Very recently, a media report mentioned that the past Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot has reprimanded the current CM Bhajan Lal of campaigning for BJP candidates in other states, while ignoring the woes of his own people in Rajasthan. As per the report, the Rajasthan CM was seen addressing a few meetings in Hooghly (West Bengal), Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh), Aurangabad and Mumbai in Maharashtra, Karnal in Haryana and Hyderabad (Telangana) to name a few. On Tuesday, 21 May, the CM was seen addressing an election rally in Delhi, supporting the South Delhi candidate, Ramvir Singh Bidhuri. This has drawn flak from the Congress leaders, specially Ashok Gehlot, who has said that the CM should stop his "India Tour" and address the grievances of the people of his home state, Rajasthan. He added that the current power crisis in Rajasthan, brings to the fore, the BJPs poll promise of 24 hour Power Supply in Rajasthan, which was mentioned on page 15 of its manifesto.

With the CM of Rajasthan busy campaigning in other states, the Honorable Governor of Assam, Gulab Chand Kataria, has, since his appointment been visible in the news more for his activities and involvement in the local politics of Udaipur, rather than anything in Assam. Donning the honorable role of Governor of the North Eastern state, Kataria is seemingly controlling things in Udaipur - as can be seen from his involvement at the Municipality level. He can be seen every now and then at public meetings and municipality related events and political events even. We might see him visit here more often during this year, as the Udaipur Municipality elections are due as well. He calls it his undying love and concern for Udaipur. Recently, the family of another BJP leader Laxman Singh Jhala alleged that Kataria has been behind the land feud that resulted in the attack on a local marble businessman, Kapil Surana allegedly been sent by Lazman Singh Jhala, for which Jhala was eventually apprehended by the police and taken to court. Such is the 'involvement' of Gulab Chand Kataria in Udaipur.

Amusing... 'leaders' of Rajasthan.

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