Whatsapp launches proxy use

Whatsapp launches proxy use

WhatsApp will provide proxy users with end-to-end encryption (PTI)


WhatsApp, a messaging service owned by Meta Platforms Inc., said that users would soon be able to access the service using proxy servers in countries where the app is restricted. A proxy server functions as a web filter and a middleman between users and online services, enabling internet users to get around limitations and censorship. 

According to WhatsApp, users of the most recent version may now formally use proxy capabilities within the app. Virtual private network (VPN) services have been used by users in nations like Iran and Syria to get past internet restrictions. 

Users will be able to connect to WhatsApp through servers put up by volunteers and organizations all across the world thanks to this new feature. In circumstances when the internet is restricted or interfered with, it will enable them to freely communicate.

The messaging provider stated, "We hope that our solution assists individuals wherever there is a need for safe and dependable communication, in case these shutdowns continue." 

According to WhatsApp, connecting using a proxy will give the same high degree of security and anonymity that the social media site offers. End-to-end encryption will still secure users' private messages. 

Find a proxy to use

Users with internet access can look for reputable sources that have set up proxies using social media or search engines, per a WhatsApp FAQ page. Once you have chosen a proxy, connect by following the instructions below. Make sure WhatsApp is operating at the most recent version before continuing. 

On Android 

- Open WhatsApp, then select the Chats tab.

- Select Settings from the More options menu.

- Tap Data Storage and Proxy.

- Click Use Proxy.

-Enter the proxy address after selecting Set Proxy.

- Click Save. A check mark will show up if your connection is successful. 

On IPhone 

- Activate WhatsApp Settings

- Tap Data Storage and Proxy

- Click Use Proxy.

- To connect, enter the proxy address and press Save.

- A tick indicating a successful connection will appear. 

If you are using a proxy and are unable to send or receive WhatsApp messages, it's possible that the proxy has been blocked. Long-pressing the restricted proxy address will remove it, allowing WhatsApp users to try again by entering a different proxy address. 

According to WhatsApp, using a third-party proxy will provide the proxy provider access to users' IP addresses. The platform does not offer outside proxies.


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