"Apple ID" to become "Apple Account" this year

"Apple ID" to become "Apple Account" this year

Apple will unveil this change at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June


Apple is currently thinking about renaming its "Apple ID" soon and transforming it into the "Apple Account." Similarly to Android users using the term Google Account, Apple users will soon need to mention their designated "Apple Account" to access various services such as iCloud and the App Store. 

As per reports from MacRumors, Apple is set to implement a comprehensive rebranding to "Apple Account" across its entire system in 2024. Apple will unveil this change at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, allowing developers sufficient time to adapt their apps before the autumn release. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg provides additional support for the likelihood of this change occurring later in the year.

Mark Gurman's latest newsletter hints at Apple's intention to rename Apple ID to Apple Account, slated for later in 2024, aligning with significant software updates such as iOS 18 and watchOS 11. 

It is worth mentioning that Apple uses the term "Apple Account balance" for funds deposited into an Apple ID. This report implies a shift towards a total renaming. Gurman's report, which references an internal team focused on "Apple Account," provides additional support for the rebranding strategy.

During the buzz about WWDC and upcoming releases, there's significant anticipation around Apple's launch of the newest operating system, iOS 18. Mark Gurman suggests that this upcoming iPhone OS update could be one of the most substantial in Apple's history. He unveils that iOS 18 is anticipated to bring forth numerous new functionalities, among them an artificial intelligence revamp called "Project Graymatter."

Gurman suggests that this wide range of AI capabilities and offerings will enhance the functionality of iPhones. While competitors such as Samsung provide standalone AI features, iOS 18 may not solely concentrate on integrating AI functionalities into existing apps. Such enhancements could elevate user experiences across multiple domains. Furthermore, enhancements to native apps such as Mail and Notes, driven by generative AI, could provide functionalities like automatic summarizing and translation, enhancing productivity and convenience.

 Source- India Today

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