Artificial Intelligence: Are We Using It All Wrong?

Artificial Intelligence: Are We Using It All Wrong?

Beyond the Fun: Are We Missing the True Potential of AI?

Da Sachin

By -Da sachin sharma| AI Value Creator | CCO Mobilla

Today, I want to pose an intriguing question, one that's been nagging at my thoughts for some time: are we, as a society, truly leveraging the vast potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

A recent incident sparked this reflection. A friend shared her aspiration to delve into the world of AI, only to be met with a disheartening response, "Oh, so you want to create funny images"; That seemingly innocuous comment set the gears of contemplation in motion. 

Have we inadvertently narrowed the realm of AI to the creation of humorous images or face morphing applications? It's true, these applications can be entertaining, and I confess, I've dabbled in them to test out new tools and their capabilities. But are we stopping at mere amusement when it comes to AI?

As I navigate through various social platforms, I often come across statements like "ChatGPT is dead!" or "Here are 10 new AI tools that will simplify your life." These declarations make me question how many of these proclaimed "10 best tools" are used beyond the realm of entertainment by those endorsing them. Are they harnessing AI to create significant value, or is it all just for laughs? 

Our collective quest for entertaining, sometimes cringe-worthy content might be blinding us from AI's true potential. Should its most effective usage be left in the hands of scammers, or should we harness it to create tangible value? Brands are harnessing AI to maximize their reach and efficacy, much like the innovative strategies implemented by agencies like Mirum, Sociowash and Schbang. AI can offer extensive benefits to society, its people, and assist professionals in enhancing their skills.

If AI is solely used for amusement, it may indeed render certain roles redundant. During my workshops and trainings, I always underscore the idea that AI, devoid of a focused approach and exact prompts, may indeed amuse and surprise you. However, if you aim for it to add value and lack the knowledge to wield it effectively, then it's merely a novelty. The real magic unfurls when you know how to ask the right questions, prompting the best responses.

The question we need to ask ourselves is, are we prepared to shift beyond AI's superficial charm and delve into its profound capabilities? It's time we change our perspective, move
beyond the realm of fun, and unlock the authentic, transformative potential of AI. Let's not underestimate the power of AI, for it's more than just creating funny images—it's about
value creation. 

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