5 Ideas for Customized iPhone 15 Plus Back Covers

5 Ideas for Customized iPhone 15 Plus Back Covers

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Having a phone case is an essential part of keeping your phone healthy. But in this age of glitz & glam, owning a simple phone case might not stand as doing justice to your phone. To do justice to your brand-new iPhone 15, you need an iPhone 15 Plus case that will stand out of the crowd.

Glitzy Ideas for a Personalized iPhone 15 Plus Case

We have brought the 5 Best ideas so that you get the perfect customized iPhone 15 Plus back cover that you desire. Scroll down to read about them.

  1. Use Acrylic Colors: Awaken Your Inner Artist

Do you like to paint? Do you have acrylic colors and some brushes at home?

If you have answered both these questions in the affirmative, this is the best way for you to get a customized iPhone 15 Plus back cover. You can awaken your inner Picasso and get on the job.

The best part about doing it yourself is that you can paint whatever you want. To do this DIY customization, it's better to get a blank phone cover of the color of your choice. It is even better to get a transparent iPhone 15 Plus case.

You can draw simple stripes or squares to give your phone case a sophisticated look or paint doodles on your phone case for a cheeky vibe.

In the end, you will be left with an awesome customized phone case that belongs to you completely. A self-customized iPhone 15 Plus back cover will make you more attached to your smartphone and give it a personal touch at the same time. 

  1. Pressed Flowers: A Bit of Nature Never Hurts

You can go really creative with this DIY project. All you need is one transparent case, some dried flowers or flower petals, and a white case.

The first thing to ensure here is that the petals/flowers that you choose are completely dried. It is better to choose a few potpourri petals than to dry them manually. Next, place the petals underneath your transparent case. Apply a little glue in the process so that the flowers remain secure in their place.

You can simply slide your phone at this point and have an amazing customized mobile case. However, adding an opaque phone case underneath the transparent case will take the cover's beauty several notches higher.

For this DIY iPhone back case, you can choose a fully transparent phone case or a tinted one. We would suggest you adhere to a white opaque case for the underlayer. But if your choice is anything different from our suggestion, stick to what your heart feels.

  1. Engravings: Make a Powerful Impact

Getting engravings is a superb idea to obtain a customized iPhone 15 Plus case. It gives an amazingly personalized touch to phone cases. The process requires choosing the right material for your phone case. The best materials for a phone case that brings out the beauty of engravings are rubber, wood, metal, and plastic. However, cases made of plexiglass or similar material might not be the best choice for this customization.

You can engrave your name, your partner's name, your own photo, or your favorite quote on the back of your phone case. The options are unlimited. However, choosing the customization parlor as well as the quality of the phone case engraving depends on it.

  1. Imprints: Choose From a Wide Range

Often, printing is the first idea a person gets while thinking about customized phone cases. The reason is that printing covers started years back. It emerged hands-in-hand with phone covers & cases a few years after smartphones were launched.

In 2024, printing symbols and quotes are trending. So, instead of getting your iPhone back case printed with the face of your favorite celeb, you can get something more meaningful. Get your five-year resolution printed on your phone cover, your zodiac sign, or something that holds meaning for you.

  1. Beads & Sparkles: Perfect for Fashionistas

If you have a high fashion sense, this is the perfect idea for obtaining a good customized phone case. You can get ample options for phone covers that have beads and sparkles online, but getting it customized will give you a more aesthetic feel.

Possessing a beaded iPhone 15 Plus back cover gives you the perfect amount of bling that goes with almost every outfit. However, this statement is especially flaunted by women up until now. But times are changing, and men too are flaunting beaded phone covers that have been customized to their liking.


This was our take on the best ideas for customized iPhone 15 Plus back covers. We hope that we have been able to give you at least one customized phone case idea that you like. You can customize your phone cover the way you want or leave it like a blank canvas. The point is, at the end of the day, you should be satisfied with the phone accessory you possess.

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