What Accounts is Google deleting from 1 December and Why?

What Accounts is Google deleting from 1 December and Why?

The Policy was announced by Google in May 2023

Google will Delete Accounts from 1 December - Check the Policy and be cautious

Beginning 1 December, Google will be deleting all Google Accounts with Gmail, Photos and Drive IF the Account has been inactive for two years or more. Google will move ahead with its plan to deactivate Google Accounts as per its policy announcement earlier in May this year. IF the account is deleted, it will mean that all content, including Gmail, Photos, Docs, Drive, etc will be removed from the servers permanently.

Google, in a statement to this effect had said that this measure is intended to prevent security risk. The company says that if the account has been inactive more two years or more, it suggests that the account is relying on old passwords, less like to employ upo-to-date security measures like two step verification, etc, which makes the account more vulnerable to security risks like spam, hacking and phishing.

What Accounts will be affected

This deletion will affect only Personal accounts. Accounts that have been setup through work, school or other organisations will not be affected by this policy. All associated data, viz. Gmail, Photos, Doc, Drive and all content under Google Workspace will be removed.

When Will the Deletion Process Begin

The Accounts will be deleted in a phased manner. Google will begin by notifying users of such accounts by email. This will or course be the first step before the deletion is effected. Multiple notifications will be dispatched over months, directed to the affected account as well as the users recovery account if that has been provided.

How should the Account be kept Active

Log into your account once in a while, read an email, perform a Google search, or upload a video, so that the account does not move into the defined dormant category.


If the dormant account has been utilised to acquire a Google product, App, Service or Subscription, it will not be removed. If it hold s a monetary balance, it will not be affected. IF the Google Account is associated with a published application, or game on Google Play Store or has ongoing subscriptions or active financial transactions, it will be exempted. IF the account oversees a minor account through Family Link, used to procure digital items such as books or movies, it will be exempted.

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