These are the Apps that Google Pay does not want users to have on their phones

These are the Apps that Google Pay does not want users to have on their phones

When you use Google Pay, close all screen sharing apps. Never use screen sharing apps when you make a transaction.

Google ban 3,500 apps

Google classifies India as its biggest market for its financial transaction services App, Google Pay. This App is among the most popular UPI App in India and is among the top 5 in terms of market share.

Google has issued a note for its users, where it identifies a few screen sharing apps, which it suggests that users of Google Pay should not keep these screen sharing apps open while using Google Pay. These Apps are ScreenShare, AnyDesk and TeamViewer.

Screen sharing Apps allow users to see what is on the users Phone or PC screen and vice versa and were primarly designed to fix issues with PCs, Laptops or Mobile Phones remotely. While giving access to a third party through these Apps on the users phone, the User permits full access on their device to the third party.

Hence Google Pay classifies the parallel use of these Apps as dangerous, because those indulging in cyber fraud, can use these Apps to access the Users device to:

  1. View and capture ATM Card or Credit Card Details
  2. Control the Phone or PC and make the Transactions directly
  3. View the OTP and use it to transfer money from the Users Account

If a User has any of the Screen Sharing Apps installed on their phone, they need to close (shutdown) these Apps before using Google Pay or for that matter, any other UPI Payment App or Net Banking or Mobile Banking.

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