Securing iPhones:Understanding Lockdown Mode and its Defense Against Spyware

Securing iPhones:Understanding Lockdown Mode and its Defense Against Spyware

What does lockdown mode on iPhones involve


Earlier this month, Apple issued a security advisory to iPhone users in India and over 91 other countries, offering an explanation of the situation while refraining from sharing specific details. However, Apple also recommends that iPhone users be cautious with their activities, particularly following such incidents. The company launched Lockdown Mode to safeguard users from spyware that may be deployed by state-sponsored hackers.

After Apple's recent warning about spyware threats, there is a revived interest in comprehending the function and efficacy of lockdown mode in safeguarding iPhone users. What is lockdown mode, how does it operate, and how does Apple leverage it to protect users from advanced spyware threats?

What does lockdown mode on iPhones involve?

Apple acknowledged the challenge of protecting iPhone users from spyware that could compromise their devices. As a response, Apple introduced lockdown mode in 2022. Over time, governments have been said to utilize these spywares to target individuals linked to them in some way. Apple uses Lockdown Mode to provide assurance against state-sponsored spyware that could potentially infect devices.

Apple regards this mode as similar to an "emergency button" that could be beneficial for particular iPhone users.The company defines the mode as a final measure for individuals vulnerable to spyware attacks. Users can manually activate or deactivate lockdown mode according to their needs.

Source- News18

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