Meta Launches AI Chatbot on WhatsApp in India

Meta Launches AI Chatbot on WhatsApp in India

This chatbot can answer questions and create text and images, all on WhatsApp

WhatsApp AI Chatbot

Meta, has introduced its latest innovation to the Indian market with the rollout of its AI-powered chatbot on WhatsApp. This chatbot can do many things, like answering questions and creating text and images, all on WhatsApp. It is  Meta's first step into conversational AI, giving users helpful tools right where they chat the most. If you're unable to locate the Meta AI option,this feature is currently in its testing phase and will be accessible to everyone in the upcoming months.

The Meta AI chatbot, powered by Llama, has commenced testing among select users in India and other countries, with wider availability anticipated in the near future. Users in India have already begun confirming the arrival of Meta AI, showcasing its capabilities within the WhatsApp messenger platform.

Moreover, Meta reassures users that personal messages and calls within WhatsApp remain protected by end-to-end encryption, ensuring privacy and security.

To engage with Meta AI, users must first agree to Meta's AI terms, which clarify that messages from the chatbot and other characters are generated by artificial intelligence under Meta's purview. Presently, Meta AI is designed to respond exclusively to queries that explicitly mention '@Meta AI'.

How to use the new ‘Meta AI’ chatbot in WhatsApp group chats

  1. Open the group chat you want to use.
  2. Enter "@Meta AI" in the message field and tap on it.
  3.  Agree to the terms of service for using Meta AI when prompted.
  4.  Type your query for Meta AI.
  5. Click the send icon to submit your query.

Meta AI's responses will be viewable to all members of the group chat. Users can engage with Meta AI by selecting its message, clicking the reply icon, typing their response, and then sending it. It is important to remember that while AI-generated responses strive for accuracy, they may not always be entirely precise.

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