Warning for Apple Users: Phishing Scam Targets Users with False Password Change Requests

Warning for Apple Users: Phishing Scam Targets Users with False Password Change Requests

Phishing strategy 'MFA Bombing'
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According to reports, several Apple iPhone users are experiencing an influx of system-level password reset requests on their devices, which is believed to be linked to an advanced phishing strategy referred to as 'MFA Bombing'. These alerts could impede affected users from using their devices until they respond to each one.

As stated in a blog post on Kerbs on Security, attackers have targeted iPhones, Apple Watches, or Macs with system-level prompts. The phishing attack is believed to exploit a vulnerability in Apple's password reset feature, leading to the sending of numerous prompts to users. If you unintentionally click the 'Allow' button or manage to reject all password reset requests, scammers might then proceed to call individuals, pretending to be Apple's official support number.

Posing as Apple Support agents, they inform users that their account is under threat and request verification through the sharing of a one-time code. If you share the code, the scammers could log out of all your Apple devices and possibly trigger remote wiping.


In a recent post on X by Parth Patel, the scammers requested him to provide the one-time code, which he immediately refused. Instead, he asked the fraudulent Apple representative to confirm personal details such as his current and past addresses, email, phone number, and date of birth. Patel noticed that despite the scammer providing accurate information, he realized the call was fraudulent when they referred to him as "Anthony S."

Given these recent events, owners of Apple devices are advised to be cautious and avoid approving any suspicious password change requests. Furthermore, as Apple does not typically initiate such requests via phone calls, customers are cautioned to stay vigilant regarding any unsolicited calls requesting one-time password reset codes.

Source- Mint

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