WhatsApp Unveils 7 New Text Styling Options

WhatsApp Unveils 7 New Text Styling Options 

WhatsApp is currently experimenting with significant enhancements to text formatting, introducing features like code blocks, quote replies and lists...


WhatsApp is introducing cool text formatting features like code blocks, quote blocks, and lists. These tools, initially available on iOS, are now rolling out to Android beta users. Now Android users can elevate their WhatsApp experience with these handy formatting options. WhatsApp now provides a total of 7 text formatting options with its latest additions. Some are straightforward and accessible by selecting the text you want to style, while others may not be as obvious. Here's a list of all the ways you can tweak your text in the app. 

Code blocks: Perfect for organising code snippets

You can use the code block feature on WhatsApp to neatly display code or monospaced fonts. Just wrap your text in backticks (`), and you'll see the text shift to a clean, organized block with a monospaced font.

Code blocks are useful when you want to share code snippets with developers, format terminal output, or showcase other monospaced text. They can also be handy for highlighting words with a different font. 

Quote blocks: Reply ‘directly’ to messages

The quote block is like replying directly to a specific part of a message on WhatsApp, similar to responding to a tweet. To use it, just add a > before the text you want to quote. Quote blocks are handy for directly responding to a part of a long message, making chat threads visually easy to follow, and highlighting specific text while providing context. 

Lists: Organise information neatly

The new list formatting options make it easy to neatly present information using either numbered or bulleted lists, steering clear of lengthy blocks of text. Lists are great for keeping your longer messages organized, especially when you need to give instructions, outline tasks, list pros and cons, or present choices and options.

To make a bulleted list, start each line with a * or – like

– First item
– Second item
– Etc.

For a numbered list, start lines with a number

1. First item
2. Second item
3. Etc.

Bold: Draw attention to key words

In WhatsApp, you can emphasize key words and phrases by adding asterisks (*like this*). This bold text helps draw the reader's attention, allowing you to highlight important information, make key terms visually stand out, and add emphasis.

Monospace: Highlighting code

You can format text in a monospaced font by using three backticks ("`like this`"). This uniform font is ideal for code snippets, formatted poems, and text/ASCII art. Keep in mind that as of now, not all of these text formatting options are widely available. However, since they've shown up in the beta versions of WhatsApp on both iOS and Android, a full release should be coming soon.

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