WhatsApp New Feature: Seamlessly Chat with Unknown Contacts

WhatsApp New Feature: Seamlessly Chat with Unknown Contacts

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WhatsApp has recently unveiled an eagerly awaited feature that brings convenience to its users by enabling them to chat with individuals not listed in their phone's contact list. According to a report by WaBetaInfo, this exciting addition will be available to both Android and iOS users. With this update, WhatsApp users can initiate conversations with unknown individuals by directly searching for their phone numbers within the app. By eliminating the requirement to save unfamiliar contacts in their address book beforehand, this feature offers a streamlined and more private means for users to engage in conversations.

In the past, chatting with individuals not listed in the phone's contact list posed certain challenges. Users were required to save the unknown number on their device or resort to using third-party applications, adding unnecessary complexity to the process. However, with this recent update, WhatsApp has taken steps to simplify the experience of connecting with unfamiliar numbers. By eliminating the need to save contacts, the messaging platform aims to provide users with a more streamlined and convenient way to engage in conversations with unknown individuals.

The website's screenshot reveals that WhatsApp now scans beyond the user's contact list whenever an unknown number is entered into the app. To check if this feature is available on their WhatsApp account, users can search for a phone number by accessing their contact lists. iOS users can simply tap the "start new chat" button in the chat list and enter the unknown phone number in the search bar. If the contact is on WhatsApp, a chat with them can be initiated. Similarly, Android users can follow the same procedure to swiftly search for and open a chat with unknown phone numbers.

WhatsApp has recently introduced a notable feature that allows users to link their WhatsApp account to the web version by using their phone number. Previously, the chat app relied solely on a scanning system to establish a connection with the web version. However, with the new "Link with phone number" feature, users now have an additional option to connect by simply using their phone number. This enhancement provides users with more flexibility and convenience when accessing WhatsApp on the web.

Source: Financial Express

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