WhatsApp Introduces Chat Filters for Message Management

WhatsApp Introduces Chat Filters for Message Management

Chat Filters availability expected for all users in the coming weeks...

New Chat Filters Feature of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has announced the launch of new Chat Filters, aimed at enhancing the messaging experience for its users. With an ever-increasing array of activities taking place on the platform, the need for swift and efficient access to conversations has become paramount.

The Chat Filters feature offers users three distinct filters conveniently located at the top of their chat list: All, Unread, and Groups. Each filter serves a specific purpose, catering to different messaging needs with just a tap.


This filter presents the default view of all messages, providing users with an overview of their entire inbox at a glance.


Ideal for those looking to catch up on pending conversations, this filter displays messages marked as unread or those yet to be opened. It enables users to prioritize responses effectively.


Addressing a frequently requested feature, the Groups filter consolidates all group chats into a single location. Users can easily locate their favourite group conversations, including subgroups of Communities, facilitating seamless navigation.

WhatsApp expects that these filters will streamline message management, enabling users to organise their conversations effortlessly and focus on what matters most. The company pledges ongoing efforts to introduce additional options that further enhance user experience.

The rollout of Chat Filters has started, with availability expected for all users in the coming weeks.

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