WhatsApp Introduces New Chat Locking and Private Mentions Features

WhatsApp Introduces New Chat Locking and Private Mentions Features

Users can have Passcode Lock for Android, Private Mentions on iOS


In the latest version of WhatsApp beta, Meta has rolled out two highly anticipated features, enhancing user privacy and communication capabilities. Initially reported by WABetainfo, these features aim to empower users with more control over their chats and interactions.

Chat Locking on Companion Smartphones

WhatsApp users have long enjoyed the ability to secure individual chats with passcodes, but until now, this feature was confined to primary smartphones. With the latest beta version (, Android users can extend this protection to companion devices as well. By setting up unique passcodes across all connected devices, users can ensure the security of their chats, with the added option of biometric authentication for unlocking.

Private Mentions for Story Posts

Another notable addition is the introduction of private mentions in WhatsApp stories, currently available in the iOS beta version. This feature enables users to notify specific individuals about a status update without making it visible to others. When tagged in a story, only the mentioned individuals can see the notification, enhancing privacy and targeted communication.

Upcoming Features in Testing

Beyond these recent updates, WhatsApp is actively testing various other features, including the display of an end-to-end encryption badge. Additionally, a significant layout change has been implemented, shifting the navigation bar from the top to the bottom for easier access to menu options.

These advancements reflect Meta's commitment to continually enhancing WhatsApp's functionality and security, providing users with a more seamless and secure messaging experience. 

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