Udaipur records highest tourists in March in the last one decade

Udaipur records highest tourists in March in the last one decade

The Holi festival which was being celebrated in the open after two years, coulped with the National Para Swimming Championship and the All India Womens University Hockey are some of the reasons for this suddent jump in tourist numbers for March this year.

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As per data provided by the Regional Tourism Office, Udaipur, March 2022 witnessed a footfall of 1,1,250 domestic tourists in Udaipur.  This number is the highest in the last one decade for the month of March. Discounting the COVID years, the highest recorded number in Udaipur for March was in 2019, when 67,625 tourists were recorded in Udaipur.

Despite the slump in the tourism sector that was probably the worst hit in Udaipur and elsewhere, things began to look up late last year and even January and February 2022 kept the sector in the green. However, the unexpected windfall in March, more due to the festival of Holi being celebrated in the open after two years, has bought a bonus for the tourism sector in Udaipur.

The ongiong Gangaur festival (Mewar Festival) is expected to keep the interest of tourists alive in Udaipur, but with the heat wave already on the upswing, there is not surety how soon the trough of footfalls (due to summer) sets in.

Tourists visited in Udaipur in March

March (Year)     Tourists

2012                       39551

2013                       40520

2014                       44136

2015                       45109

2016                       45971

2017                       49847

2018                       64284

2019                       67625

2020                       33210

2021                       50687

2022                       111250

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