Severed leg belonged to a woman-Body not yet found

Severed leg belonged to a woman-Body not yet found

Severed leg found in nallah near savina mandi was that of a woman.

Severed leg belonged to a woman-Body not yet found

A severed leg was found in a nallah near Savina sabji mandi around 18th September. The leg has been identified as that of a woman.

As per reports, the severed leg cut below knee that was found in the nallah near Savina vegetable market belonged to a woman. The body of the woman is yet to be found. Medical reports say that the leg has been cut off in a way which is similar to that of a surgical amputation done by a doctor.  Medical investigations reveal that the limb has not been cut off with any weapon.

Police have sent wireless messages to the entire region to be on the lookout for any traces regarding the unidentified woman’s body. It is certainly surprising that no such case has even been reported in the police stations regarding a missing woman.

SI Sunil Vishnoi said that the last rites for the severed body part have been performed after thorough investigations. DNA report has been submitted for further reference.  No police stations have received any reference of this matter till now.

The severed limb caused much terror for the people in Savina area. Though prima facie it seems to be a case of surgical amputation, yet missing body and absence of any report in this matter is causing concern.

If the leg has been cut off during surgery, how come it has been thrown off? If it is missing from the hospital after surgery, why has it not been reported? If at all it is a surgical amputation, does this mean that no murder has taken place? Presence of the severed limb in the nallah points out towards a murder or any other mishap. The point is… why has no such thing been reported to the police even during the last 15 days?

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