3 Coronavirus cases identified - Rajasthan, Delhi, Telangana - India Tally ups to 6

3 Coronavirus cases identified - Rajasthan, Delhi, Telangana - India Tally ups to 6

Italian Tourist lands in Rajasthan and Tests Positive.  Another suspect lands in Delhi from Italy and a passenger who landed in Telangana had come from Dubai
3 Coronavirus cases identified - Rajasthan, Delhi, Telangana - India Tally ups to 6
LATEST UPDATE: An Italian tourist who landed in Rajasthan has tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus. The first sample came negative while the second tested positive.  The results of the third sample are awaited.  The Tourist was a part of a group that has now left for Agra.

With 2 more identified cases of Coronavirus in Delhi and Telangana, the tally for the near fatal virus in India has reached 5.

Two passengers, travelling from Italy and Dubai, landed in Delhi and Telangana respectively and were identified as positive cases for Coronavirus.  This notification was issued by the Union Health Ministry.  This takes the total positive cases in India to 5, with the first one being identified in Kerala.

The patient at Delhi is being treated at RMS Hospital and both patients are stable and being monitored closely as confirmed by the health authorities. The three studets who were identified as positive in Kerala have been treated and released.

Further the Health Minister Harsh Vardhan informed the public that the helpline for Coronovirus is 011-23978046.  He added that people should maintain hygiene and wash their hands properly before and after coming into contact with suspect items/people and refrain from going to crowded places.

Groups of Indians coming in from China were taken into quarantine and some were released after a few weeks observation.

15 laboratories in India are working closely to fight the disease and 19 more are being setup, said Minister of Health for State, Ashwini Choubey. The PMO iis also closely monitoring the outbreak, with the global death tally reaching 3000 today after and additional dozen were killed in China and the second fatality in United States.  The disease has spread to more than 60 countries and more than 88,000 people are infected.  Iran with 66 deaths is the country with highest deaths outside of China, which has reported 2,912 cases. One of the deaths in Iran was that of a member of the council advising Iran's supreme leader.

Latest figures reported by health authorities in each of the countries is as follows:

  • Mainland China: 80,026 cases (2,912 deaths)
  • Hong Kong: 98 cases (2 deaths)
  • Macao: 10 cases
  • South Korea: 4,335 cases (26 deaths)
  • Italy: 1,694 cases (34 deaths)
  • Iran: 1,501 cases (66 deaths)
  • Japan: 961 cases (2 deaths)
  • Germany: 130 cases
  • Singapore: 106 cases
  • United States: 80 cases (2 deaths)
  • Spain: 71 cases
  • Kuwait: 56 cases
  • Bahrain: 47 cases
  • Thailand: 43 cases (1 death)
  • Taiwan: 41 cases (1 death)
  • United Kingdom: 35 cases (1 death)
  • Malaysia: 29 cases
  • Australia: 24 cases (1 death)
  • Canada: 24 cases
  • Switzerland: 24 cases
  • Iraq: 21 cases
  • United Arab Emirates: 21 cases
  • Norway: 19 cases
  • Vietnam: 16 cases
  • Sweden: 14 cases
  • Austria: 14 cases
  • Israel: 10 cases
  • Lebanon: 10 cases
  • Netherlands: 10 cases
  • Belgium: 8 cases
  • Croatia: 8 cases
  • Greece: 7 cases
  • Finland: 6 cases
  • Oman: 6 cases
  • India: 5 cases

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